A King in Anger

Hos 13:11 I gave you a king in My anger, and took him away in My wrath.

Speaking of Ephraim/America at the time of its imminent holocaust, God says he gave the USA a king in His anger.  This verse forms a critical part of the narrative for the Eagle/Bear conflict.  What does it mean?

Ancient Israel also desired a human king to be like other nations.  It was not God’s will, but the people insisted, rejecting God’s rule over them in the process.  In His anger, God gave them what they wanted so that they might learn the only way they were going to: the hard way.  The tragedy of King Saul and David was the result.

So it is today.  Although Ephraim has had human ‘kings’ for centuries now, there has always been a requisite Christian orientation .. until now.  The very foundation of America is Christian.  It was fashioned on the Word of God under the New Covenant of Jesus Christ.

The latest king represents a curse on Ephraim.  He outright defames the notion that America is even a Christian nation, declaring to the world that it is not.  This is unprecedented and underscores just how very foreign this king is.

Due 28:43 The alien who is among you shall rise above you higher and higher, but you will go down lower and lower.

A foreign ruler is a curse brought on by rebellion.  Ephraim has clamoured for a foreign king and, in God’s anger, he got one.  The rest of Hos 13:11 would suggest that the current ruler will not survive the nuclear holocaust they are about to bring down on themselves and the nation.  This is consistent with Washington DC being one of the three ribs as the obvious control centre of political power, though with no soundness left in it.

Amo 2:13 “Behold, I am weighed down by you, as a cart full of sheaves is weighed down.
Amo 2:14 Therefore flight shall perish from the swift, the strong shall not strengthen his power, nor shall the mighty deliver himself;
Amo 2:15 He shall not stand who handles the bow, the swift of foot shall not escape, nor shall he who rides a horse deliver himself.
Amo 2:16 The most courageous men of might shall flee naked in that day,”  Says Yahweh.

In the word Amos received concerning the northern kingdom of Israel, then led by Jeroboam II, we see a picture of Ephraim’s first downfall that also echoes forward to our day when the Eagle’s swift flight shall cease.  A rider of a horse and one who wields a bow will come to their quick end.  Surely it is no coincidence that latter day Ephraim rides a White Horse, crowned King of the Free World, carrying a bow shooting missiles over the earth.


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