War Preparations in Full Swing

Center for Research on Globalization

Sequence of events:

  1. Feathers come off the Eagle turning it from predator to prey
  2. Suddenly, with horrific shock, the Bear rips out 3 of its ribs leaving it for dead

There is no time span given between the first and second events.  It could be weeks, but most likely less.  A flightless Eagle doesn’t have a lot of time and the underlying Hebrew in Dan 7:5 speaks of an unexpected horror that hits with no warning.  On a practical level, with war preparations already in high gear, and the intent of NATO well known by Russia, the Bear would be foolish to wait for a first strike on itself and, unlike the Eagle, the Bear is not led by a fool.

Watch for a flash crisis in the financial system and then the sudden war.   In fact, the BRICS nations have the capacity to trigger such a crisis and could do so in the hopes of diverting the Eagle away from war.  Remember that it was a financial crisis that Reagan successfully used to bankrupt the USSR and end the cold war.  Sadly, financial levers won’t work on the Eagle as it is used to funding its wars with fiat currency and knows neither fiscal nor military sanity.

“He that is often rebuked and hardens his heart will suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy” – Pro 29:1


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