Harvest of Ruins

Isa 17:11   In the day you will make your plant to grow,
nd in the morning you will make your seed to flourish;
        But the harvest will be a heap of ruins in the day of grief and desperate sorrow.

The day of grief and desperate sorrow Isaiah refers to is the topic of the whole 17th chapter: the end of the ‘fortress of Ephraim’ at the same time that Damascus becomes a ruinous heap.  It may be one of the few clues we have as to the timing of this most desperate of days, a day which is definitely future because Damascus has never before been a ruinous heap.

The most important signpost we have to watch for is Daniel’s vision itself: the loss of the Eagle’s feathers.  This must happen before the Eagle is grounded and torn.  Once grounded it is easy prey for the Bear and the nuclear holocaust will follow soon after.

But Isa 17:11 offers what may be another intriguing clue as to the timing of this terrible event by characterizing this ‘heap of ruins’ as a ‘harvest’  The Word of God is loaded with language that has both literal and figurative aspects.  Here we understand figuratively that the Ephraim reaps what he sows.  Figuratively, its poison fruit of war has been evident for many years.  From a literal perspective, the time of harvest is the fall.

There are two components to the Lion-Eagle beast of Dan 7:4.  For the Lion/Judah/Modern Israel the festival that caps the harvest is the Feast of Tabernacles, or Sukkot.  In 2016 that feast period ran from Oct 17 to Oct 24. The White Horse/House’s latest and last offensive began the morning of the first day of that feast.  For the Eagle/Ephraim/USA the culmination of the harvest is celebrated on Thanksgiving, occurring on Nov 24, 2016.

Having made it through the Lion’s harvest feast with the White Horse still riding, we should now consider the Eagle’s harvest feast as a possible book end to this most dangerous period.  Should we be blessed to transit November and into winter without the holocaust then we could consider the ‘harvest’ as more figurative than literal.

In the middle of this whole harvest period the Eagle is to elect a new leader.  Regardless of the outcome, the prophesied, future conflict between the Eagle and the Bear, concurrent with the prophecy for Damascus, will come to pass.  It’s important to note that no handover of power in the White Horse/House would take place until Jan 20, 2017, no matter which way the vote goes.  Therefore, even though one vote would continue the regime’s current war stance against Russia while the other would seek to diffuse that dynamic to one of cooperation with Putin against a common enemy, there still remain two and a half months after Nov 8 during which the current aggression could be escalated to its intended goal.  A victory  for the forces of detente in Nov should not be taken as a reason to relax.  In fact, it may spur the current regime to go for broke in Syria more urgently as they would know their time is short.


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