Lying Spies Eye Eagle Feathers

In an ominous new development over the weekend, President Trump leveled a stunning accusation against the previous administration by claiming that Trump Tower was under secret, electronic surveillance, directed by the White House seeking political advantage through sabotaging his campaign and rigging the 2016 election in favour of the White Horse’s designated, globalist successor.  If officially substantiated, this would constitute the most egregious and seditious abuse of power in American history!  The immediate denial from the spy/intelligence community comes from a perjured head of that community who denied its illegal spying on the entire American populace under oath, before Congress and the People, a lie publicly exposed by the self-sacrificial witness of Edward Snowden.

This elevates the already high stakes in the power struggle between the forces determined to dissolve America into a vassal state of global government and the courageous patriots waging a life-and-death battle for the nation itself, to the highest levels.  There were already many high crimes against the nation and individuals subject to investigation by the newly-righted Justice Dept.   Whether or not they would be prosecuted is a matter of some speculation owing to the damage to the nation resulting from the exposing of these crimes weighing in determining the national cost vs benefit.

Trump’s agenda has been prioritized by the most urgent needs of America, specifically to reverse its suicidal course on immigration, economic, environmental, military and social policies.  These things cannot wait whereas justice for traitors who have worked in manifold ways to engineer the destruction of America can come later.  Certainly the very real threat of prison for the upper echelons of this traitorous conspiracy has already motivated Trump’s legions of opponents in an existential determination to bring him down.

But now it’s both personal and present tense.  Adding to the already constant barrage of orchestrated attacks from the three ribs that hold sway over the seething and senseless opposition to America’s foundations, is this very personally targeted assault on Trump himself using weapons of a Nazi police state.  The last two years have demonstrated that, when personally attacked, Trump will strike back in self-defense.  We can expect this investigation to be pursued with vigor and vigilance.  The gloves are off and the stakes have reached a critical juncture for prey and predator.

Faced with the real and present danger of an active criminal investigation at the very highest levels of the former regime, the devastating consequences of which would be intolerable for the perpetrators visible and not so visible, the impetus to unleash every destructive force that can be marshaled against President Trump in the cause of self-preservation becomes paramount, no matter the consequences.  This is a battle to the death and the accused care little what happens to America.  Their concern is and has been only for themselves and what they can pillage from the once-great Eagle they have ravaged and set up for assimilation by their NWO masters.

Dan 7:4
The first was like a lion, and had eagle’s wings:
I beheld till the wings thereof were plucked,
and it was lifted up from the earth, and made stand upon the feet as a man,
and a man’s heart was given to it.

The imminent next phase in this all-or-nothing war is the plucking of the Eagle’s feathers.  Robbed of flight, the Eagle cannot project power or even survey its domain, cannot hunt prey or evade predators and would be hard pressed to even feed itself.  A nation lives and dies by its economy.  The loss of its feathers is the ultimate body blow to the Trump administration leaving the Eagle rudderless and powerless to effect the dramatic reforms President Trump was elected to enact.  Such a financial collapse can even be blamed on Trump himself, thereby fatally wounding his presidency in a way that a martyring assassination would not accomplish.

The plucking of the feathers is a deliberate and vicious attack on the Eagle from an outside force intended to disable, but not kill it.  It is acted upon with malice as opposed to suffering a self-directed or self-initiated catastrophe.  This will be the so-called ‘nuclear’ option deployed by globalist forces to regain control and evade their own criminal accountability.  What they don’t know is how the fall of the Eagle will ignite a firestorm in the Middle East against Israel, a calamity thus far restrained by the White Horse/House.  Nor do they realize how quickly events will spiral out of control once both the Lion of Israel and its American Eagle protector are left vulnerable to the demonic forces ravenous for their lifeblood.  The fuse on this apocalypse burns for mere weeks before detonating a rapid-fire series of destructive events on a scale unknown in all of human history.  Yet, as horrific as it is, this is only the beginning of sorrows.

Greater by far than all these things is the mighty deliverance that Jesus Himself will work in America after these things have happened.  The end is not yet.  This unspeakable, deadly wound to the Eagle will be healed miraculously, and the whole world will marvel at its survival.  Speaking of the final, seven headed, ten horned beast of Rev 13 and Daniel 7:7, which is an amalgam of the previous three including the Eagle, the Spirit says:

Rev 13:3
And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death;
and his deadly wound was healed:
and all the world wondered after the beast.


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