Nuclear War Extreme Risk for Apr 10/12

In a grave development tonight, the USA launched dozens of Tomahawk cruise missiles against the Assad government in Syria.  This fateful attack has sealed the fate of Damascus, Israel and the USA to suffer a nuclear war in the next 4-6 days.

Today, April 6,  is Abib 8 by the new moon calendar and Abib 10 by the modern Hillel calendar.  Since Abib 10 is the date when the Passover sacrifice is determined, it may well be that the nuclear war will erupt on the Hillel Passover date of Monday, Apr 10 rather than the New Moon date of Wednesday, Apr 12.

Either way, the Isa 17, Dan 7:4-5 holocaust has now been set for the window of Apr 10 – 12, 2017.

Now is the time for all who have ears to hear to remove themselves far from the NYC, DC & LA areas. 


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