Russia Ends Cooperation with Pentagon

Little over an hour ago Russia announced to the UN Security Council that it has now stopped the former cooperation with the Pentagon that had been establish by mutual agreement in 2015.

UN Security Council Apr 7 12:40 ET

This memorandum’s intent was to ensure mutually secure military operations within the same region by sharing information to avoid unintended casualties and damages that could well lead to war between the two nations.

2015 US-Russia Memorandum

Since US operations continue against ISIS in that region, this leaves the door wide open for any US-Russia conflict in Syria, unintentional or otherwise, to quickly scale to all out war between the two, even without any further ‘moral imperatives’ that the US may feel ‘compelled’ to act on.

We now have a situation where two superpowers are actively engaged in the same theatre without coordination or cooperation to help ensure that they stay out of each other’s way.

It also leaves Russia free to respond in any way it sees fit to any US acts of aggression in Syria without prior consultation or consideration of US positions.

More ominous developments are certain the hours ahead.


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