Enemy Sub Lurks Off California Coast

As tensions mount between the United States and Russia over Syria, US Navy sub-hunting aircraft are engaged in unusual patrols off the California coast between LA and San Diego.

LA is ground zero for one of the three ribs the Eagle will lose to the Bear.   It is the locus for the Hollywood entertainment machine that spews relentless anti-Christian content, including the epicentre of the porn industry in America.  Even worse, it is has become a rotting tumor of idolatry that holds America in a trance of celebrity worship, programming an unconscious people with desire for ever deepening depravities.

This downward spiral into a vortex of total demonic control must, and will, be broken in order to free Ephraim from this slavery of body, mind and spirit and turned back to his Maker in repentance.

He who has an ear, let him hear and flee Sodom now before this rib is torn out.


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