Eagle Eyes Victory in Syria & North Korea

Although warning signals began flashing seven days before Passover and three days before the pivotal date of Abib 10 this year, mercifully they did not progress to the fulfill the Biblical timeline.  Now that events of this year’s Passover season have ruled out the Eagle-Bear conflict for 2017, an expanded, forward view of the Eagle’s horizon and its NATO White Horse has begun to open up.

The headline events of the future Eagle-Bear conflict are a perfect fit for the Lord’s spring feast of Passover.  There are at least three strong witnesses that illuminate these parallels:

  1. The Bear devours much flesh, tearing out three of its ribs on Passover night, the night the Destroyer enters the land to free the Israelites from bondage to slavery.  The future fulfillment will break Ephraim’s spiritual bondage to sin .
  2. The first invasion attempt 5 days later, after nuclear fallout has dissipated, corresponds with the attack of the Egyptian slave owners on the Israelites in the wilderness.  That Egyptian attack was repelled by Israel when God strengthened their arms to physically defeat them.  So the future invasion will be repelled by Ephraim’s bow/missiles when God strengthens his arms.
  3. The second, massive invasion attempt, on the seventh and last of Passover week, by a hopelessly  overwhelming force that America cannot survive on its own, is overcome by a miraculous intervention that destroys the invading forces.  This is a perfect parallel to the Israel’s Red Sea deliverance in an awesome display of Yahweh’s mighty power that will open the way for Ephraim to return to his Maker.

Therefore, with the date of that first, key event now past we can know these three cannot be fulfilled in Passover of 2017.  They must belong to a future Passover week.  Just how far future is a matter of careful watching, patient waiting and praying always that we may escape these things.

Luk 21:36
But be alert at all times, praying that you may have strength to escape all these things that are going to take place and to stand before the Son of Man.

What does that mean for the ominous war manoeuvers now ongoing in Syria and North Korea?  Since the Eagle is not taken down this year, the logical conclusion is that however these play out, they will be a success for the Eagle.  North Korea will be neutralized, whether by war or show of force, and the USA will also succeed in removing Assad from power, in which case they always install a leader compliant with Washington.  President Trump’s main goal is to defeat the Islamist terror army as part of any Syria campaign.  This would also appear successful, at least initially.

Hos 13:8
I will attack them like a bear robbed of her cubs and tear open the rib cage over their hearts.
I will devour them there like a lioness, like a wild beast that would rip them open.

The primary motivation for the Bear in this drama is rage over the loss of her cubs.  When the USSR lost the cold war to the USA in 1992 it lost all of its former satellite socialist nations and was reduced to just Mother Russia alone.  Since then Russia has very few allies but the most important are Syria and Iran.  Perhaps the sting of losing those cubs 25 years ago has abated, though the former empire has certainly not been forgotten by its leadership.  Now we must consider that there is at least one more cub to be lost: Syria.  Russia’s long-time Mediterranean ally has been a red-line cause for the Bear and a source of great tension and anger already.  When Russia loses this cub, with its strategic seaports and bases, that anger will turn to seething rage.  But Russia’s leadership is not the type to react by lashing out immediately.  She will quietly plot and prepare and pick a time to strike when she has the advantage of total surprise.  The word ‘sudden’ in the English translation of Daniel denotes shock and horror when read in its original Hebrew.

Dan 7:5
Suddenly, another beast appeared, a second one, that looked like a bear.
It was raised up on one side, with three ribs in its mouth between its teeth.
It was told, ‘Get up! Gorge yourself on flesh.

That might take a year, or two, or more, but it will come with all the rage of a Bear bereft of her cubs.  The first prong of this attack will be on some Passover night and that will begin a week of horror for the Eagle and the world.  The two invasion attempts that follow will have been thoroughly planned, provisioned and positioned to plunder the Eagle quickly, while it is incapacitated.  This highlights the necessity for strategic, long-range planning.  The events of this year’s Passover, coming unexpectedly from a new US administration that was regarded as friendly to Russia, have not allowed for that.  These events need more time to develop, time for the acute loss of another cub and the strategy for its revenge.  They also pose the question: Is the destruction of Damascus part of the loss of the cub or a later consequence of its revenge on the Lion-Eagle?

1Th 5:3
When they say, “Peace and security,” then sudden destruction comes on them,
like labor pains come on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.

Meanwhile, the Eagle still rides high and there is no prospect of any serious injury in the events currently unfolding.  We may expect the USA to achieve its objectives in the short term and the result to be a perceived “peace and safety”, but we must remember that these will be very deceptive ‘victories’.  They will come at the expense of riling a ferocious Bear with memories of old wounds and now freshly wounded at a time when it has regained its strength.  It will answer when it is very ready and will conspire with a Chinese Dragon in the effort to pluck the Eagle in advance of the terrible day when the Bear tears its ribs.  Alas that day is great so that none is like it and almost no one will expect it, but the wise will understand and watch and be prepared ahead of time.

Dan 12:10
Many will be purified, cleansed, and refined, but the wicked will act wickedly;
none of the wicked will understand, but the wise will understand.

For now, the watchful in Ephraim may take some comfort that there is more time for spiritual and physical preparation without fear over any worrisome events now being staged in Syria and North Korea.



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