Tracking the White Horse by Moonlight

One of the most difficult tasks in dating the prophecies of the four horsemen is knowing when to start.  When was the first seal opened?  In earlier articles the dating of this seal has been traced to Purim 2003.  This is the exact date when the White House’s war on terror officially began with the war to conquer Iraq.

The War on Terror, as it was dubbed, began a new era for the US-led NATO alliance in that it was not a defensive response to any aggression, nor a so-called peace making intervention.  No, it was in fact the start of a series of pre-planned wars to destabilize and conquer seven sovereign nations simply to rob, plunder and take strategic possession of them under the banner of fighting terror and spreading democracy as the solution.  This was confirmed by Gen Wesley Clark, former Commander of NATO.

The White Horse/House war on terror was justified on the basis of deliberately crafted fake intelligence reports that painted Iraq as a nuclear threat.  Long debunked and exposed, it has been about as fraudulent a campaign as one could concoct and with an extremely heavy loss of life.  It therefore fits perfectly the false messiah imagery of the White Horseman who rides with assumed moral superiority and fights fore-mostly with missiles.

The fact that the war began with air strikes on the date of Purim in 2003, a Biblical Jewish feast, is very significant as major end time events are all orchestrated by the ancient Biblical calendar, not our modern Roman one.  The seven seals are clearly major end time milestones and we should expect a synchrony with the major calendar events.  Paul confirms that these various Old Covenant ritual feasts are shadows of things to come [Col 2:17], not routine ebbs and flows in human affairs, but pivotal turns that lead directly down the road to the end of man’s rule and the momentous coming of the Lord Jesus Christ in power and awesome glory!

Unlike the next three horsemen, this rider has a crown, a crown we might recognize today as ‘leader of the free world’, charged with protecting the persecuted and lifting up the downtrodden globally via the religion of spreading democracy and forced regime change as the answer to the world’s biggest problems.  ‘World Policeman’ is another moniker we might recognize, implying a law abiding and upholding force with enforcement employed purely to serve and protect.  This rider’s crown is also found as one the hallmarks of Joseph, the leading tribe of the House of Israel, Gen 49:26:

The blessings of your father have prevailed above the blessings of my progenitors
unto the utmost bound of the everlasting hills:
they shall be on the head of Joseph,
and on the crown of the head of him that was separate from his brethren.

Of all the twelve sons of Jacob, only two carry emblems of rulership: Judah’s scepter and Joseph’s crown.  These are the two leading tribes, one of the House of Judah and the other the much larger House of Israel.  Joseph is subdivided into his two sons, whom Jacob adopted: Manasseh and Ephraim.  Ephraim, the younger and the birthright tribe, would be greater than the older (Gen 48:19).  Therefore that crown would pass to him after he surpassed his older brother Manasseh who reached his zenith in the old British Empire, upon which the sun never set.  This crown today rests on the rider of the White Horse, the tribe of Ephraim, the founding tribe of the nation we know as the USA.

But where the US was once a nation of laws, founded on the precepts of the God of his father Jacob and of his Christ, ridicule and scorn for those precepts now permeate every level of Ephraim’s power structure while the drunkards of Ephraim wallow in every form of lawlessness.  This is a colossal messiah complex if there ever was one.  The peace and purity symbolized by the white of this horse are just a thin veneer of high-flown self-righteousness over the very dark fruits of its works, fruits it will eventually reap.

We also know the White Horse comes to an abrupt end with the entrance of the Red Horse.  This fits perfectly with the White Horse/House’s reign of terror being smashed by a sudden cataclysm, exactly fitting the Bear ripping three ribs from the Eagle.  Certainly there is no overlap between the horsemen, one exits as one enters, and the current White Horse is not going to be stopped in a gentle or gradual transition into a Red Horse era.  No, the Red Horse is a horse of outright, ferocious war, not a covert war on terror justifying its millions of dead as being in everyone’s best interests.

The Red Horse has no crown and receives no dominion as a result of its ride.  Its  purpose is solely to wreak mayhem over the globe stirring up nation against nation and kingdom against kingdom.  Just as the White Horse and White House are so symbolically related, the Red Horse of ferocious wars has its beginning with the former Red state of Russia taking down the Eagle.  This state remembers and avenges the loss of its cubs with rage.  The Red Horse though is not limited to or identified with Russia itself, rather it is an era of terrible wars which begins with an unprecedented holocaust on US soil when Russia is forced to defend itself, albeit with vengeance, against the maniacal, blind aggression of a self-deluded White Horse/House drunk on the blood of its many victims and believing itself invincible.  Tracking the White Horse/House’s war on terror, and particularly its current moves against Syria, locus of the key trigger point of Damascus, rests solidly on scriptural keys that speak specifically to America.

Dating that first seal to Purim 2003 made Purim 2017 a key milestone as it measures exactly two full weeks of years, two complete sabbatical cycles of seven within the 50 year Jubilee cycle, since the White Horse began riding.  Yet, as pregnant with danger as the spring feasts of 2017 were, they passed without the Red Horse cutting off the White Horse.  We remain mired in an ever deepening swamp of treachery and wickedness within its realm, despite the announcement at New Year’s that appeared to herald the exit of the White Horse.  We must remember though, that the White Horse’s exit will not be a pre-announced, orderly event.  The deep state military industrial complex has too much control to allow that.  War and destruction is the way of man and no where is that more evident today than in the land of the Eagle where, despite a majority of its people’s desire for a return to true conservative rule, war schemes are always top priority.  It is uncertain how successful President Trump’s attempts to reign in the White Horse will be, but the horse is chomping at its bit.  Unbridled war will prevail one way or another, sooner or later.

Hosea, a key prophet to end time Epraim/Israel, provides yet another prophetic clue that the date of Purim 2003 for the first seal is right on target.  In chapter 5:

I know Ephraim, and Israel is not hid from me: for now, O Ephraim, you commit whoredom, and Israel is defiled.
They will not frame their doings to turn unto their God: for the spirit of whoredoms is in the midst of them, and they have not known the Lord.
And the pride of Israel testifies to his face: therefore shall
Israel and Ephraim fall in their iniquity: Judah also shall fall with them.
They shall go with their flocks and with their herds to seek the Lord;
but they shall not find him; he hath withdrawn himself from them.
They have dealt treacherously against the Lord:
for they have begotten strange children:
now shall a month
devour them with their portions.

We can know that this prophecy does not refer to the first time the House of Israel, led by Ephraim, fell to an Assyrian bear in 721 BC because the House of Judah did not fall with them.  It wasn’t until 586 BC, 135 years later, that Judah fell to the Romans as it had not rushed into idolatry quite as fast as Israel did.  Flash forward to our day and the two houses, Ephraim-led Israel and Judah, restored as nations but drifted far from God, fall together.  This simultaneous collapse has never before happened.  Also unique to this great fall is the speed at which it all unfolds: a single month.  When Ephraim fell the first time it was over a period of several years, likewise with Judah, but this time the collapse is far more dramatic.  As with so many dual prophecies, the first fulfillment is the lesser when compared to the apocalyptic latter.

One month, literally a moon cycle, is the time frame measured from the start of Ephraim’s future fall until his collapse.  Earlier articles have shown the perfect symmetry between the original Passover destruction and redemption and the one coming to the Eagle/Ephraim at a near Passover week.  With the shadow picture of Passover, and the Red Sea deliverance seven days later, pointing our way to the very date of the nuclear holocaust that seals Ephraim’s downfall, Hosea now illuminates the start of it all: exactly one lunar month earlier!  What happens every year just one month before Passover?
Answer: Purim.

What astonishing confirmation of Purim as the date of the White Horse and the future tipping point of the Eagle’s fall!  That fall begins with the crippling loss of its feathers.  As outlined previously, this robs the Eagle of its ability to hunt and feed itself, the very basics of life are in peril.  It also makes the Eagle vulnerable to the Bear, an otherwise impossible prey for a bear.  This loss of feathers is a catastrophic financial collapse, far exceeding any before it, crippling the Eagle domestically and worldwide.   Notice also the use of the word ‘devour’ in v7, the very same word spoken to the Bear in Dan 7:5 when it is told to ‘devour’ much flesh.  Hosea tell us not only will the “strange children” of Ephraim be ‘devoured’ but also their portions.  This speaks of a total loss of food, possessions and property in addition to their lives.  That total financial collapse is inevitable and has been forecast by many astute analysts for decades.  That it has not happened already is something of a marvel, but that day of reckoning is a certainty and in the light of this prophetic moon we can see that it will come at the time of Purim in a year not far from now.

Moreover, we can know what its end will be and when!  The fallout from the economic collapse will be felt globally and many will be caught in dire straits.  When it comes, let us not be deceived by the talking heads who will surely try to convince us to hold tight or that this is the buying opportunity of a lifetime.  This is irrevocable failure.  The ensuing few weeks will see mass global panic and in the halls of power a rabid desperation will drive the White Horse into a reckless, final confrontation in the Middle East.  This will result in Damascus being wiped off the map, modern Israel/Judah being severely wounded and the Eagle/Ephraim being mauled to the point of death when it loses three of its biggest cities to nuclear firestorms of inconceivable horror.

From this vantage point, we can reasonably expect these things to happen any spring within the next seven years.  If the White Horse will ride for a whole number of sabbatical cycles, as it should, then we have until 2024 before it completes its third cycle.  That could be in the final year of a two-term Trump presidency, but it would be reckless to plan that far out.  Barring the protection of God over the current White House, it stretches the imagination to think the bloodthirsty aggression against it will not overcome it much sooner.  Among God’s purposes here may be proving to Ephraim that no matter what corrections are attempted at the political level by human power, Ephraim is far too sick to be saved by anyone now except God Himself.   Certainly He will be the blessed salvation of America when Ephraim has lost all power and all hope in his own works, and He will make America that blessed sanctuary of His Word once more!

Praise be to our Lord Jesus Christ for His mercy in giving us these signs and seasons in advance!  Though the year remains unclear, we may be forewarned and forearmed against a Purim financial collapse and far removed from NYC, DC or LA when those ribs are ripped out just one lunar month later at Passover.  The wise will avoid all financial market risks leading up to Purim.  If that time passes well without event, as it did in 2017, then we can know the year is yet future and plan accordingly.

On the other hand, if markets fail on or about Purim, depending on how market weekdays fall, then the time of the second seal has come; the White Horse is on its knees, the plucked Eagle is plummeting to earth, the Red Horse is thundering toward us and we who have ears to hear and eyes to see will have a final window of less than a month for any last-minute strategy to move out of range of those three lost ribs.


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