The Battle Plan Against the Eagle

The revealed Word has much to say about the Eagle and the conspiracy of nations against it.   On this site, many Biblical proofs have been shown to reveal the destiny of the Eagle/Ephraim/America.  Pulling all this information together and analyzed in the context of current events, the order of the coming battle can be summarized.

The globalists expected they would plunder America’s wealth and labor for free, gifted on a silver platter from traitors in and seeking its highest offices, but they’ve awoken to a very different reality.  When the mid-terms fail to unseat President Trump they will finally know he is in for the duration and their only option to defeat America before it regains overwhelming greatness, is military.  Over the next five years the multi-pronged, military takeover of America will accelerate at a furious pace.  The battle preparations are already well underway.  Puppet NK, and others, will distract while their controlling co-conspirators work feverishly to take down the Eagle in the biggest military operation ever mounted.

Here, in brief, as revealed in Jesus’ Word, is the order of battle, a massive effort to destroy God’s own firstborn tribe, involving a conspiracy of nations against America & Israel (the Lion-Eagle of Dan 7:4):

1. In concert with other BRICS nations, China suddenly collapses the global financial system by dumping all US treasuries.  This would destroy their value and hurt their own finances so they won’t do it until the military battle is fully set such that they’re certain of quick triumph over America to possess and enslave all of it.  The treasuries can be sacrificed when you stand to gain the riches of the entire nation.

2. Three weeks later, with the world in financial chaos and the Eagle virtually grounded by its loss of feathers, a severe distraction will be created in the Middle East against Israel that will rapidly escalate within one week into Israel’s nuclear annihilation of Damascus.  In this process the Lion/Judah will be severely wounded.

3. Immediately, in one lightning, nuclear strike, Russia will destroy three US cities: NYC, DC & LA. The shock will, of course, be unimaginable and the already crippled Eagle will be near death in total confusion and desperate grief.  The goal will be to conquer and plunder America, not wipe it out, so the blow must be extreme but measured to preserve as many coveted assets as possible.

4. Three days later a huge, sacrificial, invasion force including many Islamists, will push up from Mexico. They will aim to conquer or soften the middle of America while the east and west coasts are in ashes.  The goal will be to drain the Eagle’s remaining strength ahead of the main conquering force on its way by sea China. These land forces will be quickly decimated by the remaining US defenses.

5. Three days after the initial invasion, the overwhelming China-led invasion forces take up their positions off the coast(s). At this point the Eagle will not have strength left to defend itself against this huge military confederacy and total defeat, in the midst of inconsolable grief and anguish, will seem imminent and inescapable.

6. With awesome power, at the edge of midnight, God Himself will destroy every invader and drown them in the sea, literally overnight. The miracle will be so great and so obviously the Hand of the Almighty that the heart of America will be changed and turned back toward Him. It will be the great end-time fulfillment of ancient Israel’s deliverance from Egypt, though far larger in scale and power and more awesome and humbling to behold.

7. Now free of the forces that had held America captive to every sin, including those who will have fortified themselves in the so-called “sanctuaries” of those three cities, the Eagle will begin its miraculous recovery over the next 7 years of peace, with leanness of bread but richness of Grace.

For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, the wilderness sanctuary for the faithful during the great tribulation, under the wings of a newly great-again Eagle, will have been prepared to receive them.


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