Cross Roads 2024

The Biblical keys to the timing of the Eagle-Bear conflagration have so far illuminated the season, even to the very months and dates, when the ultimate events will happen.  Yet, for all that vision, the signposts that would pin those dates to a calendar year remain elusive.  While the exact year is much less clear, it inevitably becomes clearer the closer we get to it.  With so great a vision already unveiled for us, it would seem strange if the year remained unknown until it was right before our faces.  At some point, very close to the danger, the dates will reveal themselves in full.  The final way point will be when the feathers come off at the time of Purim.  At once it will all be beyond doubt.  Unfortunately by then the American holocaust will only be about four weeks (one moon) away, leaving little time to get serious about preparing.  Anyone hedging their bets until the Purim sign is fulfilled will find the ensuing financial chaos nearly impossible to navigate anyway.

Knowing the year beforehand, even just one year in advance, would be invaluable: the difference between life and death for many.  The Word says that God’s people perish for lack of vision [Pro 29:18] and even prescribes the cure for that needless death: keeping the Covenant of Christ Jesus.  We are living in a time when those words could not be more lively.  2017 was a pivotal year: fourteen years from the start of the White Horse and also the beginning of a momentous change in the USA.  It could have tipped either way.  Now, well into the 16th year of the White Horse, there is a reasonable expectation that this current, third heptad will play out before the next pivot point presents itself.  Is that reasonable expectation of the Divine pattern of sevens all we have to go on?  Are there signs great and powerful enough, and free of man’s contrivances, to pin these vital pieces of prophecy on the calendar with a high degree of certainty?

First acknowledging that the Spirit of Prophecy is the Testimony of Jesus [Rev 19:10], that He alone is the Teacher [Mat 23:8] and that He is Truth [Jhn 14:6] and the Perfecter of our Faith [Heb 12:2], let this Mind guide our further inquiry as we begin with three great, heavenly witnesses.

  1. 2024 has an unusual solar eclipse right on the eve of the Biblical new year. The turning of the year bisects the one month period from Purim to Passover, the very period of the Eagle’s great reckoning.  Beginning at Purim with the loss of feathers and culminating one month later at Passover, this period leaves the Eagle mortally wounded and presumed dead, ripe for scavenging by foreign invaders.  By the time of this eclipse the financial chaos that began two weeks earlier will have escalated into a global crisis unknown in human history and yet much worse is to come two weeks hence.  Should such momentous events, long prophesied and key to the unwinding of man’s rule ahead of Christ’s return pass unnoticed and unmarked in the heavens?

    Luke 21:25 And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring

    This auspicious total solar eclipse is visible almost exclusively over the USA, tracking in a south to north arc over its eastern region, on April 8, 2024.  Beyond the eclipse’s time and focus, the line it traces dovetails with a second, companion witness.  Keep in mind that the eclipse paths only appear curved when the globe of the earth is projected onto a 2D, flat map.  In 3D reality, the cross is perfectly straight.

  2. Fascinating as the 2024 total solar eclipse is, it is not a solitary sign but a complementary pairing with its predecessor.  The first of this pair came seven years before it on Aug 21, 2017 when another total solar eclipse crossed west to east, also almost exclusively over the USA.  These dual total solar eclipses, 7 years apart, constitute two great witnesses to America.  Now see how their combined witness is even greater than their sum as their paths, first west to east and then south to north, form first the stem and then the crossbeam, define the sign of a great Cross directly over the heart of the USA!  How awesome!  The Cross their brilliant path traces lies on its side as if it has been under siege, neglected, even disrespected and assaulted.  It is no longer the upright banner over an upright nation that it once was.  It has fallen into disrepair, suffered abuse and hatred, but it still lies over the Eagle’s heart.  Weathering generations of attack and blasphemy it nonetheless has not been erased from the land where God placed it.  It can be resurrected.  Jesus is going to raise it up again in a mighty act of Mercy and Deliverance!Signs in the heavens, timed, positioned and coordinated like this are impossible to counterfeit or manipulate.  They are placed there for the wise to consider and that people might not perish for lack of vision.  Adding weight to these signs is just how rare they are.  Before this 2017 total solar eclipse, the last time a total solar eclipse crossed the USA was 99 years before, in 1918, and even that one was neither centered over the USA, as 2017 was and 2024 will be, nor was it paired with a second one.  A double witness like this is like the handwriting on Belshazzar’s wall.

  3. On top of the stunning solar signs, we have an amazing 3rd heavenly witness in 2024!  A lunar eclipse shadowing the moon on Monday Mar 25, two weeks before the April 8 solar eclipse.  This eclipse is only visible in the western hemisphere, casting its shadow across the entire USA.  Interestingly, this is a deep penumbral eclipse which, rather than blocking out the full moon by the earth itself, puts it into the shadow surrounding the earth leaving all but the tiniest sliver unshaded.  The symbolism of that faint sliver of light may illustrate the Eagle’s very near death one month hence were it not for that saving Light from above.  After that terrible day, a day of destruction like none other [Jer 30:7], America will appear dead to world, never to rise again, but in its darkest hour, at the last moment of defenseless defeat, it will helped back to its feet and given a new heart [Dan 7:4] by the Light of the World.  This stunningly timed lunar witness happens on the night of Purim, the very day when the Eagle loses its feathers!  The confluence of a massive, unprecedented financial collapse with this heavenly sign the same night surely signals a collapse unlike the series of boom-bust crashes of the past.  The heavens are confirming the beginning of something far greater.  Now recall Hosea’s testimony in 5:7 revealing that the chastisement of Ephraim’s pagan children unfolds over a single lunar cycle:  They have dealt treacherously against Yahweh: for they have begotten pagan children: now a new moon shall devour them with their heritage. While it is not uncommon for lunar eclipses to occur on full moons near solar eclipses, rendering this witness weak by itself, it’s the threefold witness of heavenly signs at the auspicious times, location and their particular type that accord them such weight.  How awesome that the very lunar key illuminating the critical Purim-to-Passover timing of the feathers-to-ribs events should be sealed in the heavens by a lunar eclipse over America the very day that grave lunar cycle begins.  Coincidence or Providence?  Jewish tradition has it that solar eclipses are signs to the world at large while lunar eclipses are particular to Israel.  The events portended here, the unsealing of the Red Horse, its terrible ride beginning with the two Houses of Ancient Israel, have both an Israel-Judah focus (or USA-Judea) and worldwide consequences.Three heavenly witnesses have testified. By the testimony of two or three witnesses a matter is established.  Even if these three were all that pointed to 2024 they would motivate the wise into action, but there are at least seven more alignments in the affairs of man.

  4. Man’s myopia often disregards or fails to recognize the significance of proper names though Biblical evidence shows that names often reflect the character or role of significant players in human affairs.    The Bear is a huge player in end times events, one of the four principal beasts driving the labor pains preparing for Christ’s return.  At the top of political power within the Bear is a man whose name resonates with astounding portent.  Russian power is wielded by its President, now Vladimir Putin, and the Prime Minister under him, currently Dmitry Medvedev.   These two men have formed a tag-team dominating Russian politics since 2000.  The two have alternated roles ever since. When Putin is President, Medvedev is Prime Minister, and vice versa.  The President may serve up to two consecutive terms but can run again after a one term break and thus has this team alternated roles.  Russia holds new presidential elections about every six years.  Putin just won re-election on March 18, 2018 to another second consecutive Presidential term with Medvedev again serving as his PM.  The next Russian election is Mar 17, 2024, just one week before Purim.  Due to term limits Putin will not be able to run for President next time and it’s a near certainty who will again revolve into the Bear’s presidency in 2024, just in time to carry out its mission to “devour much flesh”.  Now realize what the name Medvedev means: literally “Man of the Bear“.

  5. Passover vs Easter in 2024 are conspicuous in their calendrical divergence.  Usually the two fall fairly close together, though they are regulated by different calendars.  The US House of Representatives and the Senate both take lengthy Easter recesses that span a 12-14 day period.   Normally this covers both the Easter and Passover observances.  Hosea warns Ephraim in 7:16 that  “their princes shall fall by the sword”.  This will happen when the rib of Washington, DC is torn out, but if Passover is within a week or two of Easter, most of its princes will not be there, having returned home to their constituencies for the break.  Once again 2024 breaks that pattern.  Only in 2024 is Easter separated from Passover by over 3 weeks.  This guarantees that the annual Easter recess will be well past by the time of Passover ensuring that that sword will find Ephraim’s princes on their thrones when it fulfills Hos 7:16 by obliterating their center of power.


    Year      Purim             Passover*       Easter            ULB 7                Delta

    2018     Th Mar 1        Sa Mar 31       Su Apr 1        Fr Apr 6                +1

    2019     Th Mar 21      Sa Apr 20       Su Apr 21       Fr Apr 26             +1

    2020     Tu Mar 10      Th Apr 9         Su Apr 12      We Apr 15            +3

    2021     Fr Feb 26        Su Mar 28      Su Apr 4         Sa Apr 3               +5

    2022     Th Mar 17      Sa Apr 16       Su Apr 17       Fr Apr 22             +1

    2023     Tu Mar 7        Th Apr 6         Su Apr 19      We Apr 12          +13

    2024     Su Mar 24     Tu Apr 23      Su Mar 31    Mo Apr 29         -23

    2025     Tu Mar 14      Su Apr 13       Su Apr 2         Sa Apr 19           -11

    2026     Th Mar 3        Th Apr 2         Su Apr 5         Th Apr 2              +3

    *Passover dates are daytime with Passover observed the night before

  6. 2024 will complete President Trump’s 7th year of office and mark the start of his 8th.  The number 8 in scripture is the number of new beginning.  It follows the completion of Creation and it starts a new week, the next phase of a great Plan. Eight is a turning point, a renewal that stretches over the 7 years it begins.  In 2024 it also completes one Biblical week of years, one Jubilee heptad, and begins the next heptad.  Each end time heptad is marked by great upheaval.  It is by far the most likely time to see a great change take place.  2003 was an 8th year.  It saw the beginning of the White House’s ‘War on Terror’ and the unsealing of the White Horse.  2017 was also an 8th year.  It saw the beginning of a great political change in the land of the Eagle.  This change, as will be confirmed by the upcoming 2018 mid-terms, was not a fading fad or a one-off political aberration but a growing and sustained movement toward real revolution in American society, a return to American values.  It marked a turning point when Ephraim’s core values had been pushed beyond the limits of quiet tolerance and the silent majority began to push back, aided by the hand of the Almighty.  By 2024 that majority will have strengthened and be ready for the next phase in God’s plan of redemption.

  7. According to the pattern established under Joseph in the land of Egypt, seven years of plenty are given as a preparation for the wise before a seven year famine.  It was Joseph whom God used to provide refuge from that great, global famine.  It was Joseph through whom two modern world wars were waged and won against a demonic grab for global power.  Now, in these closing decades it is once again Joseph fulfilling a latter day, larger scale, parallel feast and famine event connected with the final push for global power.   The seven years of US resurgence under President Trump are the prelude to the seven year famine God will use to draw Ephraim, Joseph’s youngest son and Jacob’s adopted firstborn, back to Him.  This heart-rending famine begins with a short, but apocalyptic war to stop the Eagle from derailing plans for a satanic world government, the final UN beast.  Thus the time of Jacob’s trouble begins, but he will be saved out of it [Jer 30:7].  President Trump’s term from 2017 to 2024 fits this pattern perfectly.  During these seven years he is regaining and multiplying a great prosperity, albeit temporary.  He is dividing the Korahite spirits from the Ephraimite spirits for consumption.  And he is the last restrainer holding back the global forces that seek America/Ephraim’s and Israel/Judah’s destruction as their great push toward establishing Satan’s throne over the whole earth.  This preparation period is when the wise and watchful will buy oil and keep their lamps bright, knowing the times.  The rest of the three grim horsemen must have their day.  Those who put their hopes in man will think peace and renewed prosperity will herald a new century of American preeminence.  Let us not be caught up in that pride!  These seven years of plenty expire in early 2024 when the Biblical year turns, midway between Purim and Passover .. at the solar eclipse.

  8. The endpoints of two key cycles converge in 2024.  Twenty-one years of the White Horse will also be complete at Purim 2024 dovetailing with the fulfillment of 7 years of plenty under Trump.  This double alignment with the unsealing of the White Horse’s ride on Purim 2003 is a strong confirming witness pointing to 2024.  All Jubilee periods are composed of 7 weeks of 7 years each, 7 heptads, followed by the Jubilee year itself.  The great end-time events all unfold during the final Jubilee of man’s rule.  The last two horsemen split one heptad: 3.5 years of bleak death under the Black Horse followed by 3.5 years of the Great Tribulation under the Pale Horse of martyrdom under the final Antichrist.   If the Eagle-Bear prophecy is an end-time work of God, as evidence proves, it should last at least 1 full heptad.  In fact, the White Horse will have completed 3 full heptads by Purim 2024, the last heptad neatly bracketing the 7 years of preparation and plenty under Trump, those 7 leading directly to the 7 lean years once the Eagle is chastised and given a new heart.

  9. Orchestrating the large scale, two-pronged invasion against the Eagle is an international conspiracy of nations that takes years to put in place.  Many plots and weapons have already been formed against Trump and all have failed to dislodge him.  The 2018 mid-term elections are the last hope of being able to topple him through ostensibly legal means.  Only after failing to overturn Trump’s administration in those elections will such a final solution become the last resort for America’s confederation of enemies.   Mexico is a lawless nation ruled by drug gangs that have established staging grounds for terrorism and ‘migrant’ invasion. Islamic terrorists have already been using Mexico and Latin America as a vector to infect the USA.  Once it has become clear that America cannot be defeated (become ‘globalized’) through non-military means, assembling that southern stealth invasion force, as one part of a much larger 3-phase plan to conquer, will require years to prepare.  We’ve already seen the foreshadowing of this force in the hordes of migrant invaders assaulting the Eagle’s southern border, all covertly sponsored by America’s enemies, both within and without.  The five years from now until 2024 would seem like enough time to put such a plan into place.

  10. Separating the Korahites from the Ephraimites is another gradual process that involves the hardening of hearts and migration of peoples within the USA.  This does not happen quickly, but God has already answered the prayer: “will You destroy the righteous with the wicked?”  He will make a distinction between those who want to destroy Ephraim and those whose hearts are, or can become, His.  The phenomenon of ‘sanctuary cities’, particularly in CA and NY, play a central part in luring the Korahites into their false sanctuaries while, at the the same time, those with an Ephraimite spirit will migrate away from those centres of anarchy and rebellion.  This process has already begun and will only escalate over the years leading up to 2024, by which time we should expect the rod of judgment and correction to fall, beginning first, as it must, at the House of God: modern Israel.

With these three great, and seven lesser, signposts to guide us, spring 2024 looms as an almost certain time when the White Horse will exit and the Red Horse make its terrible entrance.  Nevertheless, we would be wise to maintain a state of readiness, knowing that any spring could be that time, so that these events will not overtake the wise as they will the world.

Key Dates 2024

  1. Sunday Mar 17    – “Man of the Bear” returns to power
  2. Monday Mar 25   – Financial collapse and lunar eclipse across USA
  3. Monday Apr 8      – Total solar eclipse #2 completes sign of the Cross over the USA
  4. Thursday Apr 18  – Middle East destabilized by a prefabricated crisis
  5. Monday Apr 22    – Israel attacked; nuclear end of Damascus; enraged Bear wipes out NYC, DC, LA
  6. Thursday Apr 25  – Invasion from Mexico, destroyed by remaining US defenses
  7. Sunday Apr 28     – Conquering armies arrive over sea from the East while USA is defenseless
  8. Monday Apr 29   – Divine deliverance – new heart – new beginning

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