The Great Divide

By God’s great grace and mercy we have made it through the fall harvest period of 2016 without the coming calamity striking.  We can now look ahead to the next harvest period: the early spring harvest of Passover.

Meanwhile a profound change is taking visible shape in America.  The long dormant seeds of faith, which were its foundation, have begun to swell and sprout anew.  The forces of destruction from within Ephraim have run up against a growing groundswell of opposition that has finally drawn a line: this far and no farther will we retreat.  The Word reveals that Ephraim/America, the Eagle, will be given a new heart and will return to his maker in a tremendous revival of faith, and now its shadowy form can be seen rising in a new, grass-roots push-back against the legions of enemies of the Cross.

We have never seen the ever-widening division in America so sharply defined.  The electoral map of Nov 8 2016 reflects this deepening polarization between left and right, with the left being heavily concentrated in the largest urban centres, particularly the coastal metropolises.  The ‘left’ and ‘right’ paradigms resonate with poignancy when one considers that the left largely constitutes the ‘goat’ forces of rebellion and social annihilation while the ‘sheep’ on the right hand lean toward traditional American Biblical values underpinned by the Bedrock of Christian faith.

Along with the rise of the right, we are seeing a doubling down of the intransigent rebel left as they launch ever more histrionic counter offensives at every opportunity.  Never before have we seen such a hardened, hysterical and hypocritical refusal to accept a lawful, democratic result.  Their full assault on democracy and decency itself is truly reaching a breaking point where the two sides can no longer co-exist.  When that breaking point comes it will be no minor event.  For the left, it is a take-no-prisoners fight to conquer and enslave or kill, while the right seeks to hold on to those things which are essential for liberty and peace.  Fortunately, Bible prophets tell us in advance which way it will break.  It becomes increasingly and painfully clear why the coming nuclear holocaust will need to focus on these coastal centres of incorrigible rebellion against the Great Shepherd’s flock and against every Biblical precept.  While the global actors mean it for evil, and no punishment is pleasant, God will mean it for Ephraim’s good, for his very salvation, in fact.

In all this it may be tempting to accord President Trump with a status beyond his power.  There is no doubt the USA would have been immeasurably worse off without his electoral win, yet the fact remains that the ancient prophecies for Ephraim/America are not changed or diminished in any way.  The feathers will come off the Eagle when its financial system implodes.  The Eagle will lose three ribs/cities in a nuclear showdown with the Bear and in the aftermath of that fiery furnace, repentance will bloom across the heartland.  Trump is a very hopeful and welcome sign but we must remember that our Great Shepherd is Jesus Christ and no other.  He can raise up political leaders useful to Him in His purposes, and Trump needs our prayers, but like grass, leaders flourish and fade quickly.  We just don’t know who will survive the loss of those three ribs.

The powers behind the visible left, the globalists in high places, have suffered major defeats in 2016.  Their planned take-down of America is central to their plans for a new world order and the real blowback has yet to manifest.  They cannot allow a patriot like Donald J. Trump to make good on his agenda to restore America’s former economic powerhouse.  Every attempt to stop him has so far failed but there is more to come.  Barring assassination, it appears that they will not stop him attaining the presidency on Jan 20.  We can expect the globalist’s most desperate measures to come soon after as they cannot afford to leave a determined and industrious leader like Trump much time to work.  He already has more of a running head start than any President-elect in history and his cabinet appointments have made clear that he is earnest about his agenda.

More will be published here in the coming days about how the “three-ribs” prophecies may unfold over the next few months in light of this great division crystalizing before us.  As in the days of Korah’s rebellion, to be found opposing the hand of the Lord may carry dire consequences.  The parallels between ancient Israel and the modern Lion-Eagle make for fascinating and illuminating study.

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