Four Horsemen’s Timeline

White Horse

15+ yrs to date  …  21 yrs?

Red Horse

7 years

Black Horse

3.5 years

Pale Horse

3.5 years

The NATO warhorse waging its moral ‘war on terror’ under the ridership of the White House.
This false messiah goes forth imposing regime change in the name of democracy, human rights and new world order  humanist doctrines using cultivated terror to whitewash its agenda.
These self-righteous wars are waged with missiles and are self-justified using the  9/11 attacks it contrived as a pretext.
The White Horse/House comes to its fall in Syria when Damascus is nuked to ruin. Russia responds with the same fate for 3 US cities/ribs.
These 3 ribs are the Eagle’s centres of control over the heart of its people:
NYC:  weaponized mass media
DC:    corrupt political establishment
LA:    demonic Hollywood culture
Begins with the Bear of Dan 7:5 ripping out 3  ribs/cities of the Eagle in a nuclear holocaust.
The Eagle/USA is given a new heart. 
7 fat years of the Word begin in a major Christian revival as God’s Grace and Mercy helps the Eagle to its feet from its deadly wound.
Meanwhile, the global power vacuum gives rise to regional and world wars for 7 terrible years while the Eagle recovers in peace.
Dan 7:6 four-headed leopard, Europe, is pushed into existential war with Arabs/Islam and defeats them in a nuclear  whirlwind over most of the King of the South [Dan 11:40].
AC takes  credit for the Eagle’s miraculous recovery and is named world ruler of Dan 7:7 beast.
7 year AC ‘peace’  treaty enforced by tyranny  begins.
7 years of  the famine of the Word begins.
Starvation and sickness stalk a planet ravaged by war as AC deceives  many into  abandoning all religion.
The Great Tribulation.
AC declares himself as god.
Faithful remnant in the wilderness are delivered and protected.
Martyrdom of Saints. Christ’s faithful are exterminated in the AC’s final solution.
Two Witnesses, Enoch & Elijah, testify of God and stand against a hating world.
Enoch & Elijah killed after 42 months.
Jesus Christ Returns in Glory with His Saints  Tishri 1, Yom Teruah.
8 day battle of Armageddon (Tishri 2-9), followed by the binding of Satan on Tishri 10.
spring       spring

2003 – 2024?

spring        fall

2024 – 2031?

fall     spring

2031 – 2035?

spring      fall

2035 – 2038?

This outline contains two speculative elements, which could extend the timeline farther into the future if the White and Red periods lengthen:

  1. The period of the White Horse is projected to end in the spring  of 2024  based on three seven year cycles having elapsed from the start of its War on Terror and the current geopolitical climate.  Unlike the Black and Pale Horses whose durations are scriptural certainties*, we must wait for the 2nd seal to open to be definite.
  2. The Red Horse’s seven years is based on three strong Biblical principles, but yet there is room for revision as events unfold:
    1. These marquee events tend to follow the seven year cycles contained within the 50 year Jubilee cycle, near the end of which Jesus Christ returns.
    2. Each successive event is a progression of labour pains, which must become more frequent and more severe, therefore the Red period is both shorter and far more severe than the White.
    3. This time period is the same period as America’s Christian revival, which is a feast of the Word in the USA.  Since we know there will be a famine of the Word in the final seven years, Joseph’s prophetic rule in Egypt teaches us to expect seven fat years leading up to the lean years.

*The Black and Pale Horse take up the last seven years because:

  1. The wars end with the AC’s global peace treaty.  Who can make war with him?  Therefore the Red Horse’s war period stops with the AC peace treaty which is defined as 7 years.  Dan 9:27
  2. At the midpoint of his 7 year rule there is a vicious increase in tyranny as he begins the great martyrdom of saints in an effort to enforce worship of himself only.