Purim 2018 – Pivot Point for the Eagle

Today, March 1, is Purim on the modern Hillel II Jewish calendar of 358AD.  By the Biblical, observed New Moon calendar, Purim will be Saturday, Mar 3.

Why is this significant?  Purim is the 15th anniversary of the White Horse’s War on Terror, launched on Purim 2003.  This was the first time America launched a war without approval from Congress, acting unilaterally based on the blank cheque that the 2001 Patriot Act gave the President.  In the flurry of emotion that 9/11 was designed to create, Congress abdicated its constitutional role as the People’s authorization for any foreign war, surrendering it to the whims of the White House.  Never before had the US been a nation that prosecuted war at the dictate of the President, unaccountable to the House of the People’s Representatives.  Armed with this power, the White House has operated by fiat, riding its White Horse as a false messiah of peace and human rights.

Purim also marks the critical one month countdown to Passover.  The fall of the Eagle/Ephraim happens over a one month, one lunar cycle, period.  Since that period ends at Passover night with the nuclear destruction of 3 crucial regions of the nation, 3 principal cities, it follows that it begins at Purim.  Daniel tells us the process has two stages.  It begins with the Eagle losing its feathers and ends with 3 of its ribs torn out by the Bear.

Purim is the pivot point that will determine the outcome for the Eagle, and the world, in 2018.  Over the next few days we will see whether the markets enter an unrecoverable tail spin or stabilize.  The loss of feathers will be the final warning to America that its downfall and subsequent heart transplant, is at the door.  We should be on high alert for the next week as this critical period unfolds.

As in 2017, there are many very concerning signs surrounding this period again this year.  Markets have seen their biggest losses in history in February, after having seen their greatest gains over the 15 months since the US election.  Will this volatility collapse into a death spiral or stabilize? Are the unprecedented losses of February an early warning sign to the wise of much worse to come at Purim?  On Feb 5 the Dow lost 1175 points in one day.  Feb 5 is one month before Mar 5, the first trading day after the Biblical date of Purim of Mar 3.  Are the wise being given an additional one month heads up?

At the same time we have ominous war preparations going on in the Korean region.  With the Olympics over, the time for that situation to come to a head is nearly upon us. and this time, the Eagle is not bluffing.  Although North Korea is not the actor that harms the Eagle, could it have enough destabilizing effect to trigger other conflicts?  The flashpoint for the Eagle’s loss is the nuclear destruction of Damascus.  Coincidentally,  Israel has come under increasing threat from Iran, via its Syrian proxies, and is bracing for war.  Syria itself is still very unstable and all the principal engines of war are still on the ground, including the USA and Russia.  A major war in Korea could potentially distract the Eagle enough from the Middle East to embolden actors there against Israel.

Ample causes for alarm are coalescing right at this crucial time of year, creating a real potential for nuclear war on Passover, Mar 30 – Apr 1, 2018.  Another major Biblical milestone that we reach this year is the 70 year mark since the House of Judah was restored as nation under the assumed name of Israel.  It was on the Biblical date of Pentecost, just fifty days from Passover, 1948 that the modern state of Israel was officially declared and recognized the same day by the USA.  When the Eagle/Ephraim goes down, the Lion/Judah is severely wounded along with it.  This seventy year mark, 10 complete sabbatical cycles, makes this year an auspicious one for Judah – more reason to be on high alert during this Purim-Passover season.

Nevertheless, there are a number of good reasons arguing against 2018 as the year the White Horse is supplanted by the Red Horse.  One of those is that the horsemen appear to fill the final jubilee cycle in even multiples of 7 weeks of years.  Since this Purim completes the 15th year of the White Horse, another 6 years remain to fill its third sabbatical cycle.  More will be published about that and other factors soon.  Meanwhile, let us watch, pray and be wise in our precautions for this annual season of danger for the Lion-Eagle.

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