White Horse: 14th Anniversary – Mar 13

The White Horse/House’s war on terror began on Purim in 2003 with its completely illegal invasion of Iraq using deliberately fraudulent excuses as a cover to begin its campaign of regime change across the Arab world.  Wearing the crown of “Leader of the Free World” and armed with advanced missiles, this rider went out preaching in the name of peace and social justice to spread its false messiah of democracy.  It went out conquering and to conquer seven nations by its bow: “we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran” – Gen. Wesley Clark , former head of NATO.

NATO is the White Horse and its rider is the White House.  It has conquered but not conquered all that it purposed and now its time is at hand.  Purim 2017 will be the White Horse’s 14th anniversary.  Two full heptads will be fulfilled on Mar 13, 2017.  The start of the new Biblical year comes just two weeks later, on Abib/Nisan 1 on Mar 29.  Will there be a 3rd heptad allotted to the White Horse?  It seems highly unlikely as all signs point to the end of the White Horse’s ride and the start of the Red Horse.  All four horsemen have terms that are measured in heptads, each one getting shorter and more intense than its predecessor in the lead up to the capstone of the whole Jubilee cycle when Christ establishes the Kingdom of God on earth.

The seven year, single heptad, of the wars of the Red Horse will begin with the exit of the White Horse and the first great end-time conflict: the Bear tearing 3 ribs from the Eagle and a Middle East holocaust.  Shortly before those ribs are torn, the Eagle will have its feathers plucked.  An eagle without feathers can’t fly, can’t hunt or feed itself and becomes easy prey for a Bear.  The looming financial collapse is the plucking of the feathers.When feathers are plucked, it is acted upon by an outside force.  The bird does not pluck its own feathers and it does not happen gradually.  It is not a natural process of progressive feather loss over time nor is it accidental.  It is sudden, intentional, painful and catastrophic for the bird.

This coming crash will be swift and irrevocable and on a scale never before seen.  It will be orchestrated to leave Trump unable to pursue his agenda and it will leave the Eagle unable to fend for itself, weak, flightless and vulnerable to predators.  It will also leave Israel (the Lion part of the Dan 7:4 Lion-Eagle beast) without the Eagle’s protection.  This sudden vulnerability will be seized upon by its confederacy of enemies whose unquenchable thirst for both Judah and Ephraim’s blood will inspire a massive attack on Judea.  The intent and the scale of this attack will be to destroy Israel once and for all and it will require the dreaded nuclear response from Israel that leaves Damascus in ruins.  Once wars go nuclear they flash over like lightning.  Later that night, the Eagle will lose 3 ribs in the same manner. If 14 years is the White Horse’s term limit, we can expect its collapse to begin shortly after that double heptad expires on Mar 13, 2017.

“Coincidentally”, the Fed banksters are due to make their next major announcement on interest rates and monetary policy on Mar 14-15.  As agents of the NWO, their top priority now is to sabotage the Trump administration using the most powerful weapons they have.  All attempts to dethrone him have so far failed and the longer he is able to pursue his agenda the more desperate the measures to defeat him will become.

Also on Mar 15 the suspension of the debt ceiling will expire. This means the debt ceiling will freeze at 20 trillion and further borrowing will be outlawed.  At the rate the Treasury is burning through their cash, they will be broke by summer.  The markets always look ahead to price in events well ahead of time and they aren’t going to wait for summer to react to the cliff that suddenly becomes hard coded in law on Mar 15.  In normal times there is a great willingness for the powers that be to preserve the status quo through some kind of compromise, but these are not normal times.  The deep state wants Trump to fail and that motivation will outweigh the catastrophe the American people will be left to suffer.

To make matters worse, Friday Mar 17 is a so-called ‘triple-witching’ date when the expiry dates on contracts for stock index futures, stock index options and stock options all converge on the same day.  These dates are especially vulnerable to volatility because contracts that expire may require the buying or selling of the underlying security.  These forced transactions, all coming at the same time, can gyrate markets at the best of times.  This time we have a perfect storm of powerful, hidden forces that are skewed heavily away from maintaining stability.

There is a storm planned for the Ides of March.  We are now two weeks away from the end of the White Horse’s second heptad.  With a third heptad unlikely, we are likely just two weeks away from the Eagle’s feathers being plucked and just over 40 days from a unimaginable destruction on US soil.  If the feathers have come off by Mar 29 (Abib/Nisan 1) then the Destroyer will enter the land on Passover night 2017.

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